The Estate Administrator is a versatile tool that can be distributed and used by financial institutions, insurance companies and funeral homes to assist the clients they serve in organizing and managing their finances and estates.

What makes it unique is that it consists of two distinct components: Estate Planning and Estate Settlement. The Estate Administrator™ consists of a vinyl case with easy to use itemized tabs, a comprehensive reference guide and an interactive CD which contains the entire content of the reference guide as well as links to helpful websites and professionally prepared form letters.











When discussing pre-need with families, many funeral service professionals are quick to point out how completing one’s funeral arrangements is an important part of a sound overall financial plan. The estate planning section, prepared by certified financial planners, will give those who are involved in the pre sector a valuable tool that will assist people with cash flow and budgeting issues. From year to year, clients that pre-plan their funerals can refer to their financial plan and even use it for income tax preparation, while keeping all of their important documents in a case which contains your funeral home’s logo. When a death occurs, the executor then simply has to refer to the carrying case which will contain all of the deceased’s person’s vital information, including funeral arrangements, will and insurance policies to name a few.

Tim Weaver of Weaver Family Funeral Homes (Trenton & Campbellford, Ontario) says “it has been a very useful tool because we’re in a competitive marketplace and include Estate Administrator™ with every pre-arrangement as well as every at need service…It encourages people to discuss estate planning issues with the executor, family members and friends. Sometimes, the small details make a difference and thus far the comments we have received have been extremely positive”.

From an at need perspective, it will offer the executor valuable insight on estate settlement issues by detailing all the steps required to settle the estate in a simple, easy to read and easy to follow format. From the initial stage when the executor needs to look after the funeral arrangements, locate the will and contact the beneficiaries to the final stages of completing the final tax return and applying for a clearance certificate, Estate Administrator™ is truly a complete resource. All the information is contained in the reference guide for those people who would prefer to complete the various sections manually. The CD contains all the forms files and templates required to settle the estate. For those with internet access, helpful web links to government sites are only a click away and add a completely new dimension.

Catherine MacDonald, Aftercare Coordinator at Munro & Morris Funeral Homes (Alexandria, Maxville, Lancaster, Ontario) says “the Estate Administrator™ has been a great tool in assisting with the estate settlement portion. Executors and family members that are left to deal with the estate are the ones that realize the importance of proper estate planning and Estate Administrator™ comes full circle in that respect. Some of the families I’ve assisted through aftercare have returned to pre-arrange their own funerals.”

All packaging and CDs come personalized with your logo at no extra charge.  Fully customized versions are available for a nominal fee.  Please contact us for details.

OUR PRICE $40.00