AfterLoss can be your solution for the holiday season also. All of the advertising and publicity material you need (newspaper ads, radio spot announcements, flyers, letters of invitation) for planning your special Holiday event is ready for you. Whether you want to host an open house for the public, a community program for the bereaved, an appreciation breakfast for clergy and counsellors or Holiday program for your community, a custom tailored AfterLoss program will help the bereaved, broaden your influence and impact your community. 

AfterLoss founder, Barbara LesStrang, has created, “A Christmas Credo”, the perfect holiday gift message to send to your families and community prior to and during the holiday season. ”A Christmas Credo”, is an uplifting and thought provoking message that will help your families better understand how to cope with the many challenges the holiday season imposes, enabling survivors to come to a new peace  with the season and to put the holidays in their true perspective. “Christmas isn't our enemy,” she writes. “Christmas is our Friend.”

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Send a gentle, caring message to the families you have served during the past year. These beautiful cards say: "Because we realize the coming holidays may be a season of sadness rather than joy, we want you to know how much we care." The holiday cards also include several helpful suggestions for the holidays under the heading: "Ways to be good to yourself during the holiday season"

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Devoted to helping families survive the holiday season, this helpletter features five special articles designed to bring assistance, comfort and courage to those who must now face a holiday season without their loved one. This special focus helpletter teaches the bereaved how to make the holidays less difficult.
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AfterLoss editor, Dr. Margie Kennedy-Reeves, can come to your community by way of the AfterLoss video, "Facing the Holidays After Your Loss." Dr. Kennedy-Reeves is filmed during two actual grief support group sessions as she guides and teaches the bereaved specific ways to help themselves through the Holiday season.

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• 13 - camera-ready Question and
Answer newspaper ads
• A professionally written AfterLoss
newspaper press release
• A professionally written AfterLoss
radio announcement
• A professionally written Clergy Letter
• 100 - Grief is a Process, Not an Event
booklets (25 each of four volumes)
• 25 - AfterLoss helpletters, Issue #1
• 6 - Widowed special focus helpletters
• 6 - Lament of Child Loss special
focus helpletters
• 6 - Suicide special focus HelpLetters
• 3 - Bye Bye...I Love You, Children's
Activity Books

• 3 - The Losin' Blues, Adolescent
Activity Books
• 6 - "I Never Know What to Say!" booklets
• 6 - After My Loss booklets
• 1 - The Sorrow of AIDS
• The book AfterLoss, A Recovery
Companion for Those Who are
• Personalized AfterLoss Portfolio
with all 16 issues of AfterLoss
• The After My Loss wall hanging
• Your Subscription Pad
• 50 - AfterLoss Keepsake Gift
Announcement Cards

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