AfterLoss founder Barbara LesStrang shares the inspiring journey of her own struggle through the grieving process, which ultimately led to the creation of the AfterLoss Grief Recovery Program. In this book, twenty-two other individuals also share their trials and triumphs as they forged paths through their own loss to new levels of recovery and new lives. In each personal story, words of encouragement and practical suggestions point to recovery, showing how to work through grief and move toward a new life.

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Our most popular series consists of four volumes of answers to the questions most commonly asked during bereavement classes. Two volumes in this series are prepared especially for widows and widowers and two for persons who have lost other family members or friends. Each booklet contains the answers to approximately 30 questions which are most in the minds of the grieving survivors.
Price per 25 booklets

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This AfterLoss helpletter provides special support for widows and widowers by addressing loneliness, the vulnerability of widowhood and major adjustments. One section answers questions most frequently asked by widows and widowers in bereavement classes. This special issue provides sound guidance and genuine comfort to the widowed.

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The devastating loss of a child is addressed in this special helpletter which encourages bereaved parents as they struggle to survive one of the most traumatic of all losses. Along with articles and guidelines for understanding and coping with this loss are examples of how other parents have learned to deal with the trauma, information about support groups and answers to questions asked most frequently by surviving parents. 25 Issues per price.

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Specifically written for families of suicide, this HelpLetter provides assistance in dealing with the devastating shock brought on by this type of loss. The issue contains first hand experiences as well as helpful answers to the most painful questions. Readers will come away armed with some very practical coping skills. 25 Issues per price

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A series of four special folders has been prepared by AfterLoss dealing with four primary issues faced by the bereaved. They are: The Effects of Grieving on Your Health, Loneliness Lives Here, Getting Past the Anger and Guilt, the Common Thread. The four folders are designed to be used individually or as a set. 100 folders per price.
Set of all Folders with complimentary Lucite display rack $200 per set.

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