Launches Personalized Afterloss®
Memorial Calendar

AfterLoss is pleased to announce the launch of their new Personalized AfterLoss® Memorial Calendar. The beauty of the AfterLoss® Memorial Calendar is that it is completely personalized for each family.

Funeral professionals simply provide us with the family’s pictures and special dates and our Graphics department produces an elegant memorial for their loved one. Each month features their artwork along with a message of grief recovery assistance from the AfterLoss Grief Recovery Professionals. We are excited at the healing this will provide for the bereaved, as well as the prospects this holds for our valued customer base.

W.L. Smith & Associates Limited
Introduces NEW LifeThemes
NEW! Zen LifeTheme™
NEW! Genuine ROOTS™ Leather
Personal Photo Memorial Record Books
NEW! Tranquility LifeTheme™
NEW! Orchard LifeTheme™
NEW! Heritage LifeTheme™
NEW! Vintage LifeTheme™
NEW! Peace LifeTheme™
NEW! Freedom LifeTheme™

W.L. Smith & Associates Limited
MSP Personalization Service

The company is pleased to announce the launch of MSP Personalization Service™. MSP Personalization Service™ allows the Funeral Professional to offer their families the utmost in personalized memorial stationery without adding any additional work for their staff. The Graphic Department at W.L. Smith & Associates Limited completely personalizes the Memorial Stationery Package, including Memorial Record Book, Memorial Cards, Bookmarks and Memorial Candle and ships the completed package to the Funeral Home the same or next day. There is no additional fee for this service, other than the associated costs of the Stationery itself and shipping.™

W.L. Smith & Associates Limited
Introduces NEW Online Feature!

Send gift subscriptions of AfterLoss to families, members of the clergy, counsellors or others ONLINE. You can find this option under the AfterLoss sub-menu. Simply fill in the names and addresses of those whom you wish to receive gift subscriptions and submit this form.